Please note that this RFP was updated on November 29th with common questions and clarifications. As the changes were many it has been decided to postpone the deadline accordingly (see below).

Goals and Objectives of this Request for Proposal:

To find a company or individual willing to create, manage and run a merchandise shop on the domain

The overall goal for the Joomla project is to have a professional service with a good selection of quality products shipped to our customers without delay or undue cost. This is more important than earning commission although this is of couse also a consideration.

The Joomla Project expects to find a supplier who can design, manufacture (print) and ship merchandise products such as T-shirts, caps, stickers and similar marchandise bearing the Joomla logo and/or Joomla related promotional messages.

The shop will be promoted on the various web properties of Joomla as well as on online media and official Joomla events with the intend of allowing the huge userbase of Joomla users to purchase products directly to support the project. Additionally it is the intention of the Joomla Project to purchase any merchandise needed by the project itself directly in the shop (with hopefully a quantity discount).