There are many areas in the Joomla project that need specific know-how, and our community includes people who are passionate about contributing in one or more particular areas of interest. These people are organized in teams where they can perform their work, make decisions and collaborate on projects. Teams are dynamic and can be formed and disbanded as needs arise and goals are accomplished. Any individual can propose a new idea for a team via an email that goes to the Department Coordination Leaders.

Each team has a similar structure containing the following roles:

Team Contributor

Team Contributors are community members who offer to take part in the work of the teams. The Team Contributors can be of a temporary nature, to work on specific tasks. As all team positions and tasks will be posted publicly on the Volunteer Portal, anyone can apply to complete them. The Team Contributor role is there to make sure that anyone can contribute and become familiar with a team.

Team Contributors are non-voting team participants, and they work with the Team Members to carry out tasks. As their experience grows and vacancies arise they may apply for Team Member positions.

Team Member

Team Members form the core of a team. Their tasks are the main tasks that are needed to keep the work within the team moving forward. They also mentor new Team Contributors who join the team and help them get familiar with the workflow in a team. As all team positions and tasks will be posted publicly on the Volunteer Portal, anyone can apply to become a Team Member.

Additionally, Team Members can cast a vote in the elections for the Team Leader and, if applicable, the Assistant Team Leader of their team.

Team Leader

The Team Leader is leading the team and is empowered to make decisions on how the work within the team will evolve and move forward. They allow their Team Members to work effectively, facilitate communication channels and meetings where needed and communicate with team leaders of other teams where collaboration between those teams is desired.  Anyone can apply to become a Team Leader. Specific information about the nomination, election and appointment procedure of a Team Leader can be found in chapter 4 of this document.

Additionally, Team Leaders can cast a vote for the Department Coordinators within their department that will form the Department Coordination Team of that department. Team leaders are also recognized as Members of the legal organization and will have voting rights to elect the four required Officers of the Board of Directors.

Team Leaders responsibilities are outlined in this policy.

Assistant Team Leader

If applicable, one of the Team Members will be appointed to be the  Assistant Team Leader. The Assistant Team Leader will work closely together with the Team Leader and assist where needed. An Assistant Team Leader needs to be well-informed by the Team Leader and, in case of absence of the Team Leader, the Assistant Team Leader can resume the Team Leader role.

The Team Leader proposes a preferred Assistant Team Leader amongst the Team Members. The Team Members can approve or decline the proposed Assistant Team Leader.


Depending on the composition and the work of a team, a team can decide to have subteams. The tasks of the subteams are supporting the work of the parent team and specified to a certain area of the parent team. Subteams can have the same structure as teams, however, Team Leaders of a subteam do not have voting rights similar to Team Leaders of a main team. Subteams don’t need to be proposed in the way main teams are, and therefore don’t need to be approved by the Department Coordination Team Leaders. They are formed and organized by the parent team where needs arise.