Goals and Objectives of this Request for Proposal

Open Source Matters, Inc., on behalf of the Joomla Project, aims to find a company or individual willing to create, manage and run a merchandise shop on the domain shop.joomla.org

The overall goal for the Joomla Project is to have a professional service with a good selection of quality products shipped to our customers without delay or undue cost. This is more important than earning commission although this is of course also considered during the proposal evaluation.

Goals and Objectives of this Request for Proposal:

To find a hosting company partner that can provide a one click Joomla installation on their servers in collaboration with Google Domains. The objective is to be listed in partnership on this page: https://support.google.com/domains/troubleshooter/6010937. With the title “Joomla by X” where X is the hosting partner selected in this RFP