About Open Source Matters (OSM)

What is OSM?

Open Source Matters (OSM) is a not-for-profit organisation, incorporated in the United States, created to serve the financial and legal interests of the Joomla project. OSM has been designed to be flexible and change as the needs of Joomla! expand. At all times, OSM is fashioned to suit the needs of the Joomla project. OSM will also engage in regular self-assessment to ensure it is accountable to Joomla!, acting in Joomla!'s interest and ensuring that it is the right shape and size to support Joomla!.


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The Role of OSM

OSM has the following roles:

  • Manage the the finances of the Joomla! Project
  • Manage legal issues related to the Joomla! Project
  • Sign contracts and enter into agreements with partner organisations on behalf of Joomla!
  • Own and manage the assets of Joomla, such as the domains, trademarks and copyright
  • Investigate breaches of license, copyright and trademark

OSM Duties

OSM has the following formal duties.

  • Review by-laws 
  • Annual meeting
  • Government financial returns
  • Provision of financial reporting
  • Keep accurate records including minutes of meetings
  • Make information about OSM activities and finances available under the rules of US law

Self assessment is an informal process whereby OSM is continuing to meet the immediate needs of the Joomla! project.