Goals and Objectives of this Request for Proposal:

To find a hosting company partner that can provide a one click Joomla installation on their servers in collaboration with Google Domains. The objective is to be listed in partnership on this page: https://support.google.com/domains/troubleshooter/6010937. With the title “Joomla by X” where X is the hosting partner selected in this RFP


  • Organizations and corporations are eligible to respond to this request
  • Responders should have signed or will be willing to sign the contributor agreement
  • Responders should have a primary business focus of web hosting
  • Responders should be open to rewarding Joomla via an affiliate scheme or flat fee

Scope of Work & Services Required

Responders should develop a method for integrating in their services a one click installation of Joomla with a chosen Google Domain. The service should be promoted on a prominent URL at the main web site of the responder in a similar manner as https://www.bluehost.com/googledomains


Neither Open Source Matters, nor the Joomla project will reward or compensate the selected provider in any way. The provider is expected to gain additional business through this partnership and as such is required to provide a method to reward Joomla for this collaboration by means of a lump sum payment and/or through an affiliate style commission agreement.

Proposal Requirements

Please submit as detailed a proposal as you can. The proposal has the following requirements:

  • An estimate of the number of Joomla sites you currently host
  • Whether you already have a one click Joomla installation and if so what technology is behind it
  • Whether you already collaborate with Google Domains
  • Whether you have similar collaborative partnerships with other domain registrars and/or software solutions
  • Details of your affiliate program and what you will be able to offer Joomla in the context of this agreement.
  • Any proposed contract should be of a 2 years length with a mutually agreeable renewal clause

Submission Timeline

July 25th 2017 Publication of request for proposal
August 1st 2017 Deadline for questions to be submitted by email to
August 8th 2017 Answers to questions submitted by email will be provided to all parties.
August 25th  2017 Deadline for proposals to be submitted by email to 
September 4th 2017 The board of Joomla aims to notify vendors by this date.


  • The RFP can be withdrawn at any point without reason.
  • No compensation will be given to any entity submitting a proposal or working on a proposal.
  • The vendor selected for this proposal will be solely at the discretion of the board of directors of Open Source Matters, Inc.