This document sets out the acceptable use policy for use of an Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM) payment card.

Version 1.0


Payment cards may be issued to corporate officers when payments to external organisations are necessary and cannot be transacted through a normal interbank transfer arrangement. This policy document sets out the terms of use under which an officer is able to use such a card and defines the minimum level of reporting required for every transaction using the card.

Policy elements

OSM will take out a payment card in your name. You will be able to use it for business-related expenses and OSM will pay the card bills.

Officer payment card agreement

When OSM gives you a credit card, you will need to sign and abide by a payment card agreement. This is to acknowledge that the payment card belongs to OSM and that the organization can process and investigate charges as the organization sees fit. It will also refer to your responsibilities and the consequences for incorrect use.

Apart from the agreement, you can consult this policy every time you need more information about the use of your company payment card.

Who can hold an OSM credit / charge card?

Generally speaking the number of issued cards will be kept to a minimum and any new card would be authorised by board approval. Generally cards are issued to officers, typically (but not necessarily limited to): President, Treasurer, Secretary.

We have the right to withdraw a company payment card from anyone at any point. Such an action would not need full board approval but would only be done so in order to protect OSM Any such action would then be reported to the next scheduled board meeting.

The Board can deliberate the issuance of cards for special and/or temporary purposes or assignments.

What expenses are allowed on an OSM Inc. credit/charge card?

You can use an OSM company card to pay for work-related expenses only. This includes:

  • Expenses which follow the published OSM Expenses policy
  • Accommodation during work-related travel
  • Legal document expenses (e.g. Visa)
  • Air, train, ship or other transportation
  • Necessary medical expenses (e.g. vaccinations)
  • Local transportation during trips (taxi fares, rental cars etc.)
  • [Other minor or per diem expenses that are listed in the OSM Inc expenses reimbursement policy]
  • Other expenses pre-approved by the Board.

You must not use the OSM credit / charge card for non-authorised or personal expenses.

Never withdraw cash using the company payment card.

You’re also not allowed to purchase large amounts of alcohol, or any drugs, weapons, pornography or incur charges for other adult entertainment.


You may apply for an exception if absolutely necessary PRIOR to any such use of the card. Exceptions must be approved by the OSM Board.

The limits of the OSM payment card

Limits on monthly expenditure will be set by the OSM board and may change following resolution of the board. As a card holder it is your responsibility to maintain and keep up to date understanding of any limits or restrictions placed on the use of the card by the board, prior to any expense being incurred.

Your responsibilities

If you have an OSM payment card, we expect you to:

  • Protect it to the best of your ability. Don’t leave it unattended or give it to unauthorised people (e.g. friends, family, colleagues, other volunteers) even just to hold it.
  • Report it stolen or lost as soon as possible. If, for example, there’s a break-in at your home/office/place and your card is taken, you need to file a police report and call our Bank immediately. An urgent notification should be sent also to the Treasurer and a copy to the Secretary.
  • Use it only for approved reasons. Follow the instructions in this policy and the card agreement, and don’t use the card for personal or unauthorised expenses, even if you intend to compensate the charges later.
  • Document all expenses and send monthly credit card reports. Receipts are required for each and every charge on the card and should be submitted on a monthly basis reconciled with the card statement.

If you’re responsible for authorising and approving credit card invoices, please do so within the time limits to avoid late fees. If you’re consistently responsible for late fees, we may need to remove the card from you or make you responsible for any incurred fees.

Use of company credit card policy

When you’re using the OSM payment card, you should:

  • Confirm that the particular expense is allowed under this policy.
  • Mind the credit card limit and the transaction limit so you can plan business expenses properly.
  • Keep the credit card number and physical card secure.
  • Use the card sensibly and avoid unnecessary expenses even if they’re allowed under this policy.

Violating this policy

We expect you to comply with this OSM payment card policy and the associated expenses agreement and we may need to take action if you violate them. For example:

  • If you incur personal or unauthorised expenses, you will need to pay them yourself. If you do this consistently, you may face disciplinary action that could include loss of the right to have a company card. As per the OSM By-laws, it is your responsibility to ensure a high level of transparency with any financial transaction.
  • If you lose a receipt, you’ll need to inform the Treasurer immediately. We may find a solution if this happens rarely, but if you fail to submit receipts consistently, you may lose the right to hold an OSM card.
  • If you fail to submit expenses on time, and incur late fees, you’ll need to pay them yourself. Doing this repeatedly will mean loss of the OSM card privileges.
  • Giving an OSM card to unauthorised people or abusing the expense limits may result in suspension or termination of your office with cause.
  • Making prohibited purchases as mentioned previously (e.g. weapons, drugs) will result in immediate termination of your OSM office with cause, and possibly legal action.
  • OSM has the right to review your credit / charge card use, and withdraw it if there is any inappropriate use.


This policy has been adopted by the Board of Directors of Open Source Matters, Inc. with the motion #2020-080 on June 04, 2020  and is published under the Policies section of the organization’s website.