A momentous occasion for Joomla this weekend! The Joomla! Leadership has decided in a team wide vote by all members of the Community Leadership Team (CLT), the Production Leadership Team (PLT) and the board of directors (OSM) to move forward to implement a new structure and methodology for the organisation. The motion passed this weekend with ⅔ in favor.

There has been a huge support for change, but not everyone believes, or are still convinced that proposal we voted on is the right path. However, now I think it is important that we come together, identifying where we can help out the most, rolling up our sleeves and make it a reality.

I want to personally thank all of you that have been working so hard to come to this point in time. Many, many volunteer hours have been spent on identifying the areas that need to improve and writing structure change proposals over the last several years. And I want to acknowledge and thank the Joomla! leadership for the trust they have placed in the process the past year and in the journey we have ahead to transition.

The structure team is now almost done with the task that was given at J and Beyond 2014. A transition team will now be formed to guide the organisation to evolve to the new structure and adapt to the new methodology. It will take hard work. It will take time. I really have a good feeling about the future for Joomla. I know we can do this. All together. For real. At last.

With warmth,
Sarah Watz
President, Open Source Matters, Inc.