Today we launched the new website for Open Source Matters (OSM)

For a long time several people have been working on it behind the scenes. It took quite some time and efforts to deal with several issues that were mostly related with all the records and content associated with the Trademark Team which were included on the old website - there are still some hurdles to go on that part,

Some time ago the Trademark Team decided - with the support of Open Source Matters - to begin the task of creating a portal within which to house all information related to Trademark issues, complete with a ticket system in place for trademark requests and information requests.  The Trademark Team is working on the creation of this website and when it is launched, will be responsible for updating the content.

With the separation of this information, we were able to move forward and refresh the OSM website, containing the necessary information about OSM and the Joomla! project.
Temporarily some trademark information is still being retained on this website, which will be reviewed and linked to the new portal as appropriate where the Trademark Team will provide their services to the community.

OSM wishes to thank all the volunteers that helped creating the new site: Jacques Rentzke who took up the challenge of migrating the site, David Hurley for creating this beautiful template. Saurabh Shah, Marijke Stuivenberg, and Chrystal Harris for reviewing and completing all the occuring issues. Ruth Cheesley for taking care of redirects and SEO issues.

There will still be some updating necessary in the near future, we try to keep inconveniences to a minimum.