OSM Board Meeting Minutes - February 15, 2010
February 15, 2010 @ 21:04 UTC

Attendees: Steve Burge, Robert Deutz, Javier Gomez, Dave Huelsmann, Lorenzo Garcia, Ryan Ozimek, Jacques Rentzke, Wendy Robinson, Akarawuth Tamrareang, James Vasile, Elin Waring, Marko Milenovic

1. Last meeting's minutes approval

- due to changes made to the meeting minutes, Ryan Ozimek, the person who brought the motion to vote, asked for the vote to be removed from the floor.  This was done with unanimous consent.

MOTION:  Approving our January 18, 2010 board meeting minutes by unanimous consent
VOTE:  Approved by unanimous consent

2. Review of motions brought the via mailing list

2a. MOTION:  Approval of the 2010 budget

MOTION BROUGHT BY:  Dave Huelsmann

VOTE: Passes

3. New member orientation and introductions (Elin Waring)

3a. Individual introductions

3b. Talked about the mailing lists for discussion and voting (Elin Waring)

3c. Discussion about the legal mailing list, and maintaining privacy in legal matters, and ask quite strenuously that discussions and notes from the legal private list remain private. Got questions about using the list?  Contact James directly. (James Vasile)

3d. Talked about operations basics within OSM (Dave Huelsmann)

3e. Talking about board members duties (Elin Waring)

4. Treasurer's report (Dave Huelsmann)

5. Old Business

5a. Discussion about the demo site (Elin Waring)

5b. Trademark update (Elin Waring and James Vasile)

5c. Sponsorship update (Ryan Ozimek)

6. New Business

6a. Evaluating results of the feedback from the community on the paying developer questionnaire (Elin Waring)

- it is the sense of the Board that the paying for developers is going well, and we should continue moving forward

6b. Reviewing the communication of board members with the Joomla community (Jacques Rentzke)

- no discussion happened here, and instead, we decided to move this discussion to the mailing list in the interest of time

6c. Review of 2010 Budget (Dave Huelsmann)

6d. Board Officers Election (Lorenzo Garcia and Wendy Robinson)

Voting Result for Treasurer:  Dave Huelsmann

MOTION: To postpone the election of Secretary and President until the next Board meeting

MOTION BROUGHT BY:  Wendy Robinson

VOTE:  Unanimous consent

Secretary:  postponed to next board meeting to allow board members to learn more
President:  postponed to next board meeting to allow board members to learn more



MOTION VOTE:  Passes Unanimously

Next meeting: March 15, 2010 - 21:00 UTC / 4pm ET