On October 3, 2012, the Community Oversight Committee (COC) approved the four nominees submitted to them by the Board of Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM)

Today we welcome:

Mike Carson from Joliet, Illinois, USA
Sandy Ordonez from Brooklyn, New York, USA
Radek Suski from Schaafheim, Germany
Sarah Watz from Stockholm, Sweden

Our four new members cover a wide range of skills, and each one has done significant work to further the goals of the Joomla! project, both locally and beyond their borders. We thank these candidates for their willingness to serve on the board of OSM. 

The nominee pool was particularly strong. OSM wishes to thank all of the very qualified nominees who confirmed their interest in serving, and for the contribution they are making.

Terms extended

We would also like to announce that the terms of two board members, Dianne Henning and Marijke Stuivenberg, have been extended until October 2013 by the COC, at the request of the board. They will continue their good work in global outreach and internationalization.

Thank you to Sukh

OSM thanks Altansukh (Sukh) Tumenjargal for his two years of service on the board, and his contribution to the Capital Committee. We wish him well on his future projects, and his work in the Joomla! community in Mongolia. We appreciate the perspective and energy he brought to the board.