Jorge López-Bachiller

Position: Assistant Secretary
Location: Patzún, Guatemala
Twitter: @jorgelopezbachi

Although Jorge was born in Albacete, Spain, after working 10 years at the Coca-Cola company in various positions of responsibility in Marketing, he gave a twist to his career and went to Guatemala to apply all that experience acquired in a worldwide consumer company in local development projects in indigenous communities in that country.

Since then (17 years ago) he has worked on local development and institutional strengthening in local NGOs, also with Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Guatemala (Sustainable Development Management Master) and subsequently began working as Adviser to the Municipality of Patzún (94% population maya Kaqchikel).
From that position he works strengthening the strategy of bridging the digital divide of the Municipality and expand municipal e-Government and open government program. Also he collaborates with the OAS (The American States Organization) in its e-Government MuNet program (Efficient and Transparent Municipalities) and implementing this program in Costa Rica, Panamá, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, where he talks with national and local governments about e-Government and presents Patzun Joomla website as the best solution for government websites.

For Joomla he has participated on Joomla!Day in Guatemala and Colombia.